Favourites: Kevin Coakley

This weeks ‘Favourites’ interview is online now and can be read below, with Blueprints Boston connection, Dan Magees current housemate and honorary cockney, Kevin Coakley.

Give it a read now…

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Way to start the day: Dj’s/Dunkin Donuts ice coffee and a donut.

Skatespot: Dot Ave. and Pearl St.

Skatepark: The Space

Song to listen to when skating: Any BJM track.

Skate video: Blueprint ‘Lost and Found’

Skate section: Pappalardo in ‘Mosaic’

Band: Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Album: ‘Tigermilk’ Belle and Sebastian.

Person: Big Baby Davis.

Material Possession: Snap backs.

None skating pass-time: Going to the massage spa’s in China.

Boston area skater: Broderick Gumpright.

Thing about having Magee living in your house: Getting him out of the house.

Magee quote: “You don’t understand, I came here to finish your part.”

Mackey quote: “I’m going back to the rape room”

Boston slang saying: Skrellabone! Skrelly (skateable cellar door) + bone = unskateable cellar door.

Scream: Coconut Almond Fudge Chip from B and J’s, son.

Valet accident incident: Car totaled being hit by a Mack truck.

Tech beard of our time: When I was younger I would try growing a beard, but it ended up just growing in certain areas forming some serious ‘techness’.

Thing that has fucked up your Saturn: Duane Pellet’s fixie – handle bars straight through the roof. Cheers mate.

Skate trip to date: China ’06.

Time in your life: China ’06.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Kickflips against Berman.

Anticipated part in MFWTCB: Nick Jensen.

Lee Berman moment: Every day is a new Berman moment.

Comedy YouTube clip:

Disturbing experience: Who has a favourite disturbing experience?

Tip to the reader: Maple syrup on bacon.

Coakley/Boston ‘Tales of the Black Glove': Skateboarding >>

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