Favourites: Ben Nordberg

This weeks list of favourite things in the whole wide world comes from Baths very own high profile pikey type, Mr Ben Nordberg. Jah bless etc – now read on…


Way to start the day: Coffee and a cigarette! And a bacon sandwich.

Skatespot: Stalin Square. Only skated it once and it was too fun, that was 2 years ago when we were in Prague for the Mystic Cup.

Skatepark: Stockholm indoor park. Actually, fuck that. Bath park, couldn’t fault it.

Song to listen to when skating: Sizzla featuring Capelton – ‘Vibes’ or new one – Katchafire – “Collie Herb Man” Standard!

Skate video: Tilt Mode Army – “Man Down”. One of first videos I watched. Think it was good way to start skating, just fucking around but with some sick skating as well.

Movie: “Don’t be a Menace to South Central…”

Band (or artist): Sizzla

Album: “Chant Down Babylon” or “The Journey” – Sizzla. There’s loads more though.

Person: Powley – it’s a love/hate relationship, haha. We’ve had a lot of funny times and I owe alot to him. He’s still a cunt, though!

Material Possession: My iPhone, until I get a MacBook – my current laptop is a piece of shit.

Thing about living in Bath: You don’t get any shit from anyone, and nice surroundings.

Way to wind Powley up: Mess his house up, works every time!

None skating pass-time: Swimming.

Bath skater: Kris Vile, he’s a good mate as well. So many others though. Chris Oliver, Ross…

Skate trip to date: Copenhagen in the summer with WESC was fucking sick! Croatia with Vans…the list is too long!

Time in your life: Last year – it was so hectic but amazing at the same time. The present is quite good as well, haha!

Special move in a game of SKATE: The switch front foot impossible normally works, not too consistent though…

Comedy YouTube clip: Scarlet takes a tumble!

Board, ever: My current one, it’s working nicely.

Memory from the other weeks trip to Munich: Rob Smith on the metro or Scotty trying to throw a snowboard of a clubs roof. There are lots more…

Quote from the Munich trip: “What do you guys make of Bear Grylls? That guy’s out of control…” Raemers.

Thing to waste money on at petrol stations: Cigarettes, Coca Cola, crisps, chocolate, shit magazines and what ever else there is!

Bath and Bristol park montage with Nordberg, Jasper King-Harman, Fred Mansbridge… Skateboarding >>

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