Best of 2008: Chris Oliver

You couldn’t escape Chroliver over 2008. From placing first at both NASS and the UK Champs, to dropping his first full part in years on the mighty ‘Savior Faire’ and constantly churning out mag and web coverage, I doubt many could argue that 2008 certainly looks to have been Chris’ year.

Unwitting skate scene domination aside, we caught up with Chris to find out what he’s been into over the past 12 months, before venturing off to Australia with Kris Vile and Ross McGouran for the foreseeable future. Down with the Ozralites coming soon…

3 skaters of 2008?

1 – Mikey Wright

2 – Kris Vile

3 – Sam Beckett

Top 3 videos of 2008?

1 – Plan B

2 – Cliche

3 – Tinselworm

Top 3 trips of 2008?

1 – Blind in China

2 – Moscow

3 – Rio

Top 3 events of 2008?

1 – Glastonbury

2 – Basel

3 – Urban Street Style – British Championships.

Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2008?

1 – Phalantrapism

2 – Keen on worshiping the sensi seeds of Satans meads.

3 – I’m slowly building an empire of music from my bedroom that hopefully, one day, will create world peace…

Top 3 quotes of 2008?

1 – I got BARE BEEF on the internet.

2 – Spunky dibdab.

3 – Where’s Murray?

Top 3 skaters to watch out for in 2009?

1 – Trevor Johnson

2 – Gav Coughlan

3 – Rob Selley

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2008?

1 – Winning a St. Albans comp.

2 – The decking in my back garden.

3 – Going to Rio.

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2008?

1 – Quitting

2 – Break bones.

3 – Vote

Top 3 aims for 2009?

Well thats personal, innit? If I don’t set any aims there’ll be no false claims – life’s a gift and I love surprises…

pce peps…

Chris in OG Distributions “Never Been Loved” (2004) Oliver – “Never Been Loved” (2004) >>

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