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South Coast UK based company The Drawing Boards was the brainchild of Adam McEvoy and Si Bernacki . The company is also active within the Australian skate scene, spending much of its time in remote outback communities in order to provide fresh opportunities to local kids through demos and workshops.

Its current deck range features some amazing designs – including the popular ‘Potions’, ‘Postcard’ and ‘Skatevine’ series – plus apparel such as hoodies and T-shirts. McEvoy still puts a lot of time, passion and originality into all the designs, ensuring that every Drawing Boards graphic is a guaranteed stand-out. Drawing Boards products are only stocked in skateshops which match the company’s community ethic.

Young Brisbane-based bowl rider Oscar Sommerville is one of the stars of The Drawing Boards Australian team, along with Luiz Flavio, Aaron Cooper, Matt Hill, Flynn Bundy, Ivan Vargas and Perth’s Will Kitely. Female skater Shari Lawson completes the Aussie line-up, able to flog her male counterparts in the bowl despite already breaking her back and an ankle during her career.

Over on the other side of the world, there is now a Drawing Boards UK team, featuring Jerry Wilson, Isaac Miller, Jak Tonge and Aussie Matt Hill, plus flow riders Dylan van der Merwe, Liam Teague and Elliot Rowe.The full UK team appeared in Draw The Line, the first-ever Drawing Boards full-length promo video, which dropped in 2012.



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